New Richmond Veterinary Clinic Services

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Veterinary Services

Our team is proud to offer a range of veterinary services to the pets of New Richmond. Please scroll below to see the complete list of services offered.

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Pet Wellness

Whether your pet is new to us or new to you, we’ll tailor their immunizations, exams, and overall care to their individual needs.

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Pet Dental Care

We perform a wide range of dental services, including extractions, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and more.

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Pet Surgery

We’ll keep your pet as comfortable as possible and provide all the information you need during their procedure.

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Pet Radiology

We offer in-house digital radiology services for injuries, illness, or OFA certification as well as ultrasounds for your pet!

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Pet House Calls

If you are interested in a home visit for your situation, please call us- we can make arrangements to come to your home for some services if you are a current client based on the situation. 

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Final Pet Care

We are here to help you say goodbye and will make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during this very hard moment.