Pet Radiology

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New Richmond Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer it’s patients pet radiology services! Scroll below to learn more.

New Richmond Pet Radiology

We offer in-house digital radiology services for injuries, illness, or OFA certification as well as ultrasounds for your pet!

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We have high-definition (HD) digital radiology and in-house interpretation of the films so you can get answers fast. We understand how distressing it can be waiting for answers, and want to get the results to you quickly to put your mind at ease about your pet’s illness or injury. Our staff is skilled at positioning your pet for OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification x-rays of hips and elbows, providing the necessary sedation for an accurate evaluation of dysplasia for breeding or other purposes.

If a specialist is requested we can make arrangements for them to view the radiographs as well (usually within 24 hours), or we can provide a second opinion on radiographs taken elsewhere during your pet’s exam and consultation.

We also offer ultrasound services right here in our clinic. Sometimes X-rays don’t show exactly what we need to see and this is another tool we use to make an accurate diagnosis for your pet. Some pets can have an ultrasound without sedation with their family present, but many need light sedation – which we also provide. Ultrasound adds another dimension to your pet’s diagnostic workup which provides you with the most information possible for making decisions with your pet’s doctor about health care options.