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 Pet Wellness

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New Richmond Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer it’s patients pet wellness services! Scroll below to learn more.

New Richmond Pet Wellness

Whether your pet is new to us or you, we can get him/her going on the right track with immunizations and testing for parasites and tick diseases. In addition to wellness exams, we also provide nutrition counseling and pain management.

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Pet Wellness

New Richmond Veterinary Clinic can get your new puppy or kitten started on their road to wellness, and we can care for your older pet, to make their life as long and happy as possible.

Puppies and kittens will get a care schedule tailored to their unique situation, and we will take all the time you need to answer your questions about your new pet, from feeding to housetraining and everything in between! Even pets who seem happy and healthy should get annual examinations.

As pets age, they may need exams more frequently, and we will customize your pet’s care throughout life.

Pet Nutrition

Many people have questions about what to feed their pets, especially if there is an ongoing medical condition. Our doctors and veterinary staff can help you to select appropriate food for your pet’s health, many of which we carry here in the clinic.

We offer Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet but may be able to special order another brand of therapeutic food for your pet’s needs. Some pets can be made more comfortable with food that enhances their treatment regimen, and others just need high-quality food for an active lifestyle – we can help with any questions you may have about feeding. We also have a selection of treats.

Our staff is always ready to help you narrow down what you are looking for and find the right fit for your needs. Visit our online pharmacy to find out about home delivery for your pet’s prescription food to save a trip and prevent the heavy lifting! Ask about our home delivery options for maintenance foods as well!

Pet Pain Management

Our pets feel pain just like we do, and often times the pain can be managed for a long, happy life. Whether it is short-term due to injury or long-term because of another cause, we believe animals should be free from pain whenever possible to improve their quality of life.

Animals can not tell us what hurts- our doctors will use physical assessment to determine where the pain is and prescribe the best option for your pet. Many of our routine surgical patients receive pain management upon discharge at no cost to you.

With ongoing research, we now have many options available to pets that are safer than the “people medicines” that have been used in the past, with fewer side effects and greater effectiveness. Some pain medications are even chewable and beef-flavored for easy administration! We also carry pill administration treats to wrap around tablets to make medicating your pet easier.

If you have an aging pet do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation to determine if your furry friend needs a little extra comfort.