Please note: We will be closed Saturday, December 24th and Sunday, December 25th in observance of Christmas!

Our COVID-19 Protocol

To Our Dearly Valued Community,

We recognize that the pandemic is still a concern for many people. We continue to offer curbside service and admission appointments to those who wish to reduce personal contacts. If you would prefer this type of appointment simply let us know when you call to schedule your appointment.

For clients who would rather come inside, we allow you to be with the patient with some limitations. All exam rooms are disinfected between each appointment. We offer prescriptions for our clients to be mailed to your home for free when it is over $49 total purchase.

We are open for business and are ready to see your pet! We have had some clients delaying getting pets caught up on vaccinations during this last year, please get these essential procedures scheduled if your pet is behind. We will accommodate your needs to get your pet seen. Contact us for more information on how we can customize your experience.

(715) 246-4800

Well Wishes,

New Richmond Clinic Staff

 Pet Surgery

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New Richmond Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer it’s patients pet surgery services! Scroll below to learn more.

New Richmond Pet Surgery

Our doctors and veterinary staff know how difficult it can be to leave your pet here for surgery – we have pets too and worry about them as well! We will get you all the information you need when bringing in your pet for a surgical procedure.

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Pet Surgery

We offer blood work and place intravenous catheters for all surgeries, use heart and blood oxygen measuring equipment during the procedure, and always have an anesthesia technician with your pet during the procedure. Your pet will be kept warm while here and monitored closely until he/she is ready to go home.

We manage pain throughout their stay here as well as when they come home to be with you, and we will discuss home care thoroughly so you can feel comfortable caring for your recovering pet at home.

Pet Laser Surgery

We use a surgical laser for some procedures to reduce post-operative bleeding. Our feline front paw declawing is routinely done with the laser scalpel, which promotes faster healing and less bleeding from the paws.

Recovery times can be reduced when the laser is used for cat declaws, getting them home to you as soon as the next morning! Dog neuters also benefit from the laser, providing less post-operative bleeding.

There are other circumstances we use the surgical laser to assist with procedures, if you are interested in how the laser scalpel can benefit your pet’s situation please ask our doctors.

Pet Microchips

We offer microchip implantation to permanently identify your pet just in case he/she gets lost or stolen. The tiny capsule is implanted under your pet’s skin so the assigned number can be scanned and traced back to you, to get your pet back home safe. Registration of our microchip is easy and free through the manufacturer’s website.

We always scan pets before placing chips to be sure they don’t already have one. If you had a chip placed in your pet in the past that was never registered we can help you through the registration process – an unregistered microchip may prevent you from getting your pet back!

Every pet coming in for the first time that was “found” or “stray” is scanned to confirm the presence of a microchip so that if there is one we can locate the owner and get them home!