Educational Links

All links below are third party sites and are not created by New Richmond Veterinary Clinic.

Has my pet’s food been recalled?
This site shows the FDA Issued recalls.

Companion Animal Parasite Council
This site has everything you need to know about parasites your pet can have and possibly give to you!

Tick Encounter
Detailed information regarding ticks, removal, identification, and prevention of tick diseases.

Pet Poison Helpline
This site informs you of the poisons that may be present in your home and who to call in an emergency if you aren’t sure if what your pet ate is toxic.  It also provides grief support after a pet loss.

Poisonous Plants
Pictures and information on common plants that could be a threat to your pet’s health.

Veterinary Partner
General information for all pet owners!  This is provided by a highly respected organization within the veterinary profession.

Ohio State Pet Initiative
This site is designed to improve pet’s lives who live inside your home.

Created by experts to find everything you need to know about foods, supplementation, and nutrition for pets.

Dog Food Advisor
Our doctors will be happy to make a recommendation for you, but if you’d like more information this site may help you compare different pet diets to see what is right for your dog.  Please contact us if your pet has a medical condition for a diet which would be therapeutic for that specific condition.

Wildlife Information
This link will connect you to the Wildlife Rehab Center of Minnesota.  They do accept animals from Wisconsin, and this page is extremely helpful if you find wildlife and are not sure if you should intervene and what steps you can take.  Please consult this page BEFORE handling any wildlife – sometimes they look distressed but they really aren’t and this link will help you determine if they need help or should be left alone.

Dog Care Page
ASPCA has a great resource for many questions people have for many dog situations, such as behavior questions.

Cat Care Page
ASPCA has a great resource for many questions people have for many cat situations, such as behavior questions.

Heartworm Facts in Dogs and Cats