Our COVID-19 Protocol

To Our Dearly Valued Community,

We recognize that the pandemic is still a concern for many people. We continue to offer curbside service and admission appointments to those who wish to reduce personal contacts. If you would prefer this type of appointment simply let us know when you call to schedule your appointment.

For clients who would rather come inside, we allow you to be with the patient with some limitations. All exam rooms are disinfected between each appointment. We offer prescriptions for our clients to be mailed to your home for free when it is over $49 total purchase.

We are open for business and are ready to see your pet! We have had some clients delaying getting pets caught up on vaccinations during this last year, please get these essential procedures scheduled if your pet is behind. We will accommodate your needs to get your pet seen. Contact us for more information on how we can customize your experience.

(715) 246-4800

Well Wishes,

New Richmond Clinic Staff

Admission Consent Form 

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Fill out this form before your pet is due to see our veterinary clinic for an examination.

New Richmond Admission Consent Form 

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.

We will need to be able to contact you or someone with permission to make medical and financial decisions.

We will need to be able to contact you or someone with permission to make medical and financial decisions.

Please note: If your pet has fleas, they will be given a Capstar at your expense.

In order for our doctors to do a complete analysis for diagnosis; do we have permission to perform the following if needed?


Please note: Pre-anesthetic bloodwork checks the internal organs and blood count and is a vital part of safe anesthesia. Help us provide the best level of care for your pet by choosing to perform bloodwork prior to anesthesia or sedation.

I, the owner/agent for the pet described above, request and authorize an exam for my pet. I understand that the staff at New Richmond Veterinary Clinic will contact me at the number listed above after my pet has been examined to discuss diagnosis and treatment and will have an initial estimate of charges.

I understand payment is due when my pet is discharged, however, a deposit may be required after an estimate is prepared and discussed. I accept financial responsibility for charges incurred for this pet.