Michele, CVT

Office Manager / Certified Veterinary Technician

I started my career in animals in 2006, and still enjoy it very much!  My pets include 3 cats – Punkinseed (3 legged cat found crippled on a roadside), Madeline (her prior owner quit feeding her), Tom (the allergy cat who the neighbors left behind); a horse named Abi; a bouncy energetic golden retriever named Lacy (that was left at our farm while we were gone); and an assortment of pet hens and roos. I volunteer (and am an officer) for the North Pines Mounted Search and Rescue in Polk County. I enjoy trail riding, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and spending time with my toddler! All animals fascinate me, even the slimy, scaly, and stinky ones, and I love to continue my education in every animal topic!  (If I could be a career “student” I would attend school for LIFE!)  In my photo is one of my favorite hens, Little Red (RIP), who followed me around everywhere cooing at me!