Pain Management

Our pets feel pain just like we do, and often times the pain can be managed for a long, happy life. Whether it is short term due to injury or long term because of another cause, we believe animals should be free from pain whenever possible to improve their quality of life. Animals can not tell us what hurts- our doctors will use physical assessment to determine where the pain is and prescribe the best option for your pet. Many of our routine surgical patients receive pain management upon discharge at no cost to you. With ongoing research we now have many options available to pets that are safer than “people medicines” that have been used in the past, with less side effects and greater effectiveness. Some pain medications are even chewable and beef flavored for easy administration! We also carry pill administration treats to wrap around tablets to make medicating your pet easier. If you have an aging pet do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation to determine if your furry friend needs a little extra comfort.