Sep 16 2015

Separation Anxiety, Stress!

Now that things are returning to “school year” scheduling in family’s homes, pets that are more sensitive to changes may be feeling the stress.  Just a couple weeks ago there were family members home all day and now suddenly it is stone quiet in the home!   This type of stress is called separation anxiety, which is literally anxiety due to being separated from something – usually their people, but can also manifest when two furry buddies are separated.  Separation anxiety can range from mild to severe, and can increase in intensity if not recognized and dealt with – sometimes escalating to a point that a pet may harm themselves if left alone!  If your family pooch seems a little “off” since the family has gone back to school, call us to schedule a consultation.  Early signs can be as subtle as not eating when left home alone all day when he normally gobbles his food right away; or defacating in the home when he is normally perfectly trained.  More progressed cases may have owners coming home to a pillow that Sunshine shredded while she was home alone, and she has never done that before!  Look for scratches by doorways, or on floors, check your pets paws and nails for sign of wear from “digging” at the floor or walls, see if anything looks chewed that Max usually never touches.  It may help to keep a log of Blackie’s activities to bring with you at your consultation to see how we can help ease her stress.

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